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Orchestre Silencio

The profound quality of SIENCIO has been inspired by the most traditional orchestras of Buenos Aires in the '40: pure styles like C. DiSarli or R. Biagi are the basis of its legitime sound. From that point on, the group has developed its own and very personal sound, performing during more than 10 years in the most important tango festivals of Europe.

Roger Helou (Argentina) - Piano and direction
Jose-Luis Betancor (Uruguay) - Bandoneon
Lysandro Donoso (France) - Bandoneon
Luciano Di Renzo (Argentina) - Violin
Amadeo Espina (Argentina) - Violin
Dario Viri
(Italy) - Violin
Brian Zenone (USA) - Violin
Wini Holzenkamp (Germany) - Doublebass
Jens Gebel (Germany) - Hammond-organ (guest)
Omar Fernandez (Argentina) - Voice